What I’m Listening To

Audiobooks can be a daunting media to get into. Where to start? Which narrators are worth listening to? Alas, like every book, each audiobook will mean something different to each listener. For example, I love accents. I love hearing something other than a Midwestern accent. When I come across a book that either takes part in the south or the UK, I will most definitely give that book a chance. I also love listening to psychological thrillers because I can’t quickly read it to find out what happens. I have to go through the storyline just like if I were watching a movie.

I will include my list of audiobooks below as I listen to them and include my thoughts after I complete the title (if I can that far).

TitleAuthorMy Thoughts
Evvie Drake Starts Over Linda HolmesI just started listening to this audiobook and so far I really enjoy the character development and the narration. In a way I feel as though I can relate to the main character Evvie and she is struggling to relearn who she is and where she wants to go in life. I will update with a full review after I’ve finished the audio.
Scrappy Little NobodyAnna KendrickLoved this book! I love how weird she is and how open she is about being weird. I totally want to be her best friend! This was one book that I recommend listening to because you get to hear everything in her voice which makes it even more amazing.
The Royals
the royals.jpg
James Patterson
Narrated By: Jay Snyder & Christian Coulson
I just started this title, but it caught my attention because I just needed a quick audiobook for a drive. This book is a little over two hours long and this is one of my first titles with a male narrator. If you are familiar with James Patterson’s bookshots, they are quick and get to the point. This title was no different. Immediately you are plugged into a really intense kidnapping situation. If you don’t have a lot of time and want an action packed story, check out this audiobook.
In Marriageboundaries in marriage
Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
Narrated by: Dick Fredricks
Here I go listening to another non-fiction audiobook. I started reading the actual book, but it’s nice to have the audio to listen to when I’m driving in the car. I find that I can get through this book a lot faster when I utilize both formats.