Little Effort Needed Display Ideas

Are you in need of a new display but don’t really have the time to put a lot of thought into designed a new one? Well, look no further! Here are a few free printable files that will help you quickly update your display area! All files were orginally made in the 8.5″ x 11″ formatting. Click on each image to get the free file download.

Want to highlight you amazing crafting books? Put up a handmade holiday gift display and watch the books checkout!
Well this display should be an easy no-brainer for you! Simply pull some romance novels off the shelf and voila! You're Done!
This one can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Personally, I found fun or punny titles for this display.
If you have a decent collection of large print books, it's fun to share those with users too! A lot of people don't know that this format even exists!
This is a fun one that can be year round. I made it with National Audiobook month in mind, but with the increasing popularity of audiobooks, it's truly a year-round display idea!
This is a great display to put out around the end of summer/early fall when gardens are ready for harvest.
Go through the stacks, find books with names in the title and voila! Display is done.
Put this display out anytime! After a new year begins, its a fun way to encourage those New Year's resolutions. Put out any other time to show patrons what they have access to with their library card.
This display is great for any time of the year, but in the northern US, it works well during Winter and early spring. Simply use books that have cities or countries in their name or those that take place in other countries.
This one will require a little effort because you will have to create slips that have book titles. If you want it to be user-friendly add in the call number so they can find it themselves!
I always find this display to useful several times a year. Sometimes it's nice to remind users that there are other books they can read too.
This display can go whatever way you would like it. You can grab whatever titles are on the shelf, books that have trees on the cover, or whatever else you can dream up!
This is a fun one users really seem to enjoy! Simply pull titles that have a familial word included in the title such as "father" "mother" "aunt" "sister" etc.
This display can be fun to put out around Valentine's day and you can display a mix of books and movies. In all reality, patrons enjoy a love story year-round
This one might take a little bit of time as you will have to complie a list of inspriational books, but really there are tons of these booklists out there.
Cookbooks. While there is a turkey in this image, cookbooks are a easy win for a display. Simply go to the 641.5 section and pull whatever catches your eye!