How To Find Your Next Favorite Book

Congratulations on finding an author you want to read more from! Here are a few insider librarian tips to find out what’s coming next from your favorite author.

Fantastic Fiction

This is my #1 go-to resource to find out what is coming soon! The list that is compiled is absolutely phenomenal!

fantastic fiction

The Book Reporter

This is another handy website that will breakdown what’s coming soon. This website breaks down what is coming out in hardcover vs. paperback. Their website also features reviews and highlights various authors and book festivals.

book reporter


Similar to Fantastic Fiction, Amazon has a coming soon page on their website which is full of new releases and titles that are coming in the next 90 days. Unlike Fantastic Fiction, Amazon includes everything from non-fiction to fiction, paperback to hardcover to audiobook. Thankfully, they have a really good way to narrow down their results and I would be very surprised if you couldn’t find your next read in their list.



Goodreads is my favorite go-to resource for just about everything book related. I use it to remember what I have read and find out what my friends are into. I also use it when it comes to figuring out what is next in a series. Like the other resources, Goodreads also has a coming soon page to find out what popular titles are on their way. Goodreads also does a lot of cool giveaways from authors and publishers. If you are an avid reader and not on Goodreads, I highly recommend you check it out.

good reads

I’m sure the list could go on and on about ways to locate your next favorite book. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite places to look so I can figure out what I want to read next. Share in the comments below some of your favorite resources so others can learn about them too!

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