How To Find Your Next Favorite Book

Congratulations on finding an author you want to read more from! Here are a few insider librarian tips to find out what’s coming next from your favorite author. Fantastic Fiction This is my #1 go-to resource to find out what is coming soon! The list that is compiled is absolutely phenomenal! The Book Reporter This […]

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10 YA Reads for Adults

Just because you are technically an adult, doesn’t mean you have to avoid anything that is labeled as Young Adult. Young adult stories are usually fast-paced and will capture your attention quickly. Characters are well-developed and you don’t have to have ten pages just to describe the setting of the story. These stories will not […]

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10 Books You Need To Hear

The Millennial Librarian 10 Book You Need to Hear

If you’re anything like me, you don’t see any appeal into listening to a book. Why listen to a book when you could hold the real thing in your hands? Well, there is something to listening to an audiobook that allows you to tap into you to tap into the right side of your brain. […]

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10 Amazing Beach Reads for 2018

The Millennial Librarian 10 amazing beach reads

Summer is in full swing and what better way to get in the recommended 600 IUs of Vitamin D than with a great read and a beach!? According to a Google Search, there are approximately 129,864,880 books in the world and it might be a little difficult to pick a book to bring with you to the beach. Don’t worry! We have a list of 10 amazing reads to help you find your next Beach Read.

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